Life is but a Dream

Life is But a Dream - Brian James

Sabrina is diagnosed with schizophrenia so her parents take her to the Wellness Center to help her. Sabrina meets Alex who is convinced that she is not "crazy" but the world is crazy. Alex convinces her that she should not allow them to treat her because they will take away her artistic creativity. Sabrina is torn between listening to the doctor and listening to Alex who she believes she is meant to be with.

The story starts with Sabrina being checked into the Wellness Center. I liked Sabrina for the most part but there was times when she did frustrate me. I blamed most of her irritations on the other characters around her. I was not a fan of Alex. I felt like he was using Sabrina to make his point about the world being crazy and not them. He does not seem to understand Sabrina at all and feels like he can help her without the doctors or her family. I also thought her parents were pretty clueless, and the doctors seemed quite clueless as well. They seemed completely oblivious to Sabrina's changing personality. She goes off her medication and none seems to notice this, there is the occasional comment but none monitors her.

This is a character based story, there is not much of a plot outside of Sabrinas life, there is a little back story on how she ended up at the Wellness Clinic but a lot was left to the imagination. The ending was a a little disappointing. The story was laid out really well and the pacing was fantastic but the ending felt abrupt. The book wraps up quickly with everyone riding off into the sunset. The ending did not leave me thinking about the book after I was done. I enjoyed it while I read it but there is nothing left to ponder or discuss. 

I recommend this book. It handles the topic of mental illness really well. The book feels like you are with Sabrina as she struggles to divide reality and fantasy.