Fallen - Lauren Kate I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. I read a lot of mix reviews about this book. Some said it was great and others stated it was terrible. I decided to take the plunge. First of the cover is amazing. I love dark covers and this was one of the big things that grabbed my attention. I was disappointed in Luce and how much she turned to mush around Daniel all the time and just let him walk all over her. I did enjoy Penn. She was my favorite character because of how strong she was and how she stuck by Luce's side even when she was being a total boy crazy mess.Overall The book was good. I would read the sequel but I would either only buy it on sale or get it at the library. I didn't love it enough to rush out and get it. I am eager to find out what will happen with Daniel and Cam. The ending got me wanting to read the next one for sure.