L.A. Candy - Lauren Conrad I feel a little torn about this book, it was really predictible but I expected this. I was hoping for more substance from it than I got.The characters were really frustrating overall. I enjoyed Scarlett but I found as the TV show progressed and reduced her role, the same thing happened in the story. I hoped to see more Scarlett outside of the show. Jane was so nieve. She was completely predictible and fell into all the traps that were set out against her. Madison was the predictible rich girl and there was of course Gaby to play the friend of the mean girl who gets picked on constantly but stays around anyways.The story played out like a chick flick movie. Every character followed the predictible role but still I want to finish this series off, I want to see what is going to happen with Jane. I want her to grow a backbone and I want to see where things with Scarlett are going to progress.