Ready Player One - Ernest Cline Wade is a eighteen year old who spends every spare second he has in OASIS which is a online utopia. When the creator of OASIS dies he leaves his vast fortune to the first person who can find the keys he has hidden within OASIS. Wade like millions of others have poured over every tidbit of information available about the creator Halliday in the hopes of discovering where the first key is located then Wade discovers the first key. He becomes a celebrity overnight. There is a lot of information and the beginning is a little slow because of this, it had me hooked from the beginning but it did take me a bit to be completely enveloped into the story. Wade was a little frustrating at times, his crush on Art3mis at times get in the way of what he should be focusing on. Art3mis was kind of a jerk. She took help from Wade but acted completely aloof and snarky. Aech is Wade's best friend and is a awesome character all around.OASIS to me reminds me of The Sims on a grander scale. I loved the amount of detail in this story, it makes sense that people would want to disappeared into this game to get away from everything terrible going on outside of OASIS. There were parts that made me laugh out loud (Note page 193-194). The ending was a little sappy but it was so good. I loved this book and I want to own my own copy so I can flip through it and re-read my favourite parts whenever I want.My full review is available at