Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James I finally cracked and read this book. I was uncertain so my friend decided to take the plunge with me and read it with me. I finished it in about two days. It's what not exactly what I expected. It creeped me out a little bit that this started out as Twilight fan fiction. I found this quite similar to Twilight in many ways. Ana and Christian meet when Ana does an interview with him for a college paper. She is completely drawn to him and the same can be said for Cristian, however before they can being there relationship Christan tells Ana she must sign a contract stating she will not tell anyone anything about there relationship. Christian tells Ana that if she wished to proceed she will need to be submissive. Twenty-two year old virgin Ana must make this difficult decision.The two main characters followed the same roles in essence to Bella and Edward. Bella is shown as this weaker female character while Edward is the dominate one in the relationship and makes the decisions for them. The issues that made Christian Grey the way he is was something I expected. He does show his softer side but I am still on the fence about my feelings towards him. Ana was a character I rolled my eyes at a lot. Her oh my... drove me crazy but I did learn to like her. It took me the entire book but the ending made me realize how strong she could be if she wanted to.The plot was like nothing I have ever read before. I found the beginning, middle and end to be very Twilight. They meet, they learn to know each other and of course they fall for each other. The difference is there was sex in this book. Nothing is left to the imagination.Even though this did start as fan fiction and that is a little disturbing overall I did find myself liking the book. If the ending was not as good as it was I would have given this book a 1/5 instead of a 3/5. I want to read the next book because I heard it is more romance and less sex. I hope so, I liked where there relationship was going. I also want to find out about this older women who Christian Grey had an affair with at a young age.